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Residential Appraisals

Burbrink Appraisal Services is a fully licensed and certified appraisal company offering property valuation services for residential...

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Consulting Services

Burbrink Appraisal Services consulting services are the right answer when you need the expertise of an experienced...

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Tax Appraisals

The assessed value of your real estate should equal what the property would easily sell for (appraised value). If the assessed...

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Divorce Appraisals

If you are involved in a divorce, choose Burbrink Appraisal Services to provide a realistic and supported value for your home...

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About Us

Precise Real Estate Appraisals in South Central Indiana

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just want an accurate valuation in South Central Indiana, Burbrink Appraisal Services can help. Our experience and talented network of real estate appraisers are here for residential appraisals, land appraisals, and consultations.

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